Small Business

We offer immediate remote support for your PC and/or Mac computers. If needed, we will come to your small business and make sure that all of your computers are coordinated and working up to speed.  Being a full MSP (Managed Service Provider), we can monitor your computers, back up your data, offer protection, and help you create new accounts. If you’d like, we can set up your computers so that your employees only have access to the data or websites you want them to see.



Remote ProtectioN


  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Anti-virus
  • Web Protection
  • Backup Documents
  • Installing Updates and Patches 

Backup & RecoverY


  • Cloud Backups and Disaster Recovery 
  • Archival Backups 



  • Microsoft Office Support
  • Office 365 Hosted Email Solution
  • Dropbox, Google Drive & iCloud Support
  • File Transfers from Old to New Computers

Full List of Services 


What Our Clients Think

" As a CPA, I am always asked by my clients whether I have a dependable back up system.  When I explain the service that Frostbyte does totally behind the scenes to maintain my backups, they are more satisfied than if I had said I use Carbonite or have a backup hard drive since that requires me to keep up with the backups. "

Alison Peters, Certified Public Accountant